Vedic Astrology

Astrology or “Jyotisha” in Hindu terminology came from Sanskrit “jyótis” meaning “light, the heavenly body”. Jyotish Vidya is a field of knowledge that is ancient and has existed since the Vedic era.

Vedic Astrology is all about the celestial and astral patterns, the movement of the stars and planets, which define an individual’s destiny or fate. According to several integrated theories, all things in the universe and beyond are inter-connected.

For every individual, their paths are defined by their karma that rules the past, present, and future, running in a cyclical form. It is said that a body only acts as a vessel, where the soul rests and then travels from one body to another in birth, to death at different times and places.

An individual’s life is like that of a flower on this planet, it is bound by season and time, but what happens in between is reflected by the stars that rule us.

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