Janam Kundali

What is Janam Kundali?

A Kundali is an astrological chart that depicts the precise position of the planets and heavenly bodies at a particular time. A Janam Kundali is culminated by Vedic Astrologers, using one’s exclusive and personal details like the gender, date of birth, the place and time of birth.

The Kundali encompasses extensive details of the astrological aspects of a person at the time of their birth. Through this chart, one can know the location of various Zodiac Signs, planets, and other relevant aspects that are considered in an Astrological Analysis.

Constructing or creating a Kundali is a rather complex procedure, containing intricate details, and so is done by an expert and experienced astrologer only. As it describes the position and direction of the planets at the time of one’s birth, based on which the future of an individual is anticipated.

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The Role & Benefit of Kundali.

When it comes to Vedic Astrology, the Janam Kundali stands as a blueprint of an individual’s life, guiding the astrologers through the person’s zodiac and thus helps in predicting the future with utmost accuracy.

As stated in Vedic Astrology, the positions and state of the planets ultimately, depicts a person’s ‘Dasha’ or the insights to all the crucial milestones of one’s life and also the time frame of when it would happen.

A Kundali clearly reinforces the fact that everything in our life happens for a reason and everything in the Universe adheres to the Cosmic Laws.

The planets, houses, and zodiac signs in the Kundali shall, therefore, present the events that are going to happen and the data will tell when the event is going to happen.

As the Kundali is studied by the Vedic Astrologer, Ridhi Bahl, the picture of the planets and the stars in it will determine an individual’s bond with the other planets and personality.

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